This is a hair and scalp clinic dedicated to the management and control of hair loss problems that affect men and women.

It is operated by fully the qualified Trichologists Robert Olding MIT FTTS .The medical advisor is DR Michael May FRCS .

The Clinic was started by Robert Olding MIT and has become steadily busier over the years.It has never directly advertised its services, its clients coming from initially from Yellow Page entries,and then from recommendations from satisfied clients.The practice TEL no is 01233 720 563.


The word means the study of hair, and is a mix the Greek and Latin languages.There are two qualifying bodies in the U.K; The Institute of Trichologists ,and The Trichological Society.Both require a considerable degree of expertise and qualification before allowing membership.Both Societies expect sensible ethical practice from their members.

Members are found in practice as Consultants in Clinics (such as the Ashford practice). and also in Industry and as Expert Witness consultants.

Both Societies have interesting web sites,which also list qualified members in practice over the UK.

The Ashford practice is affiliated to the Wimpole Hair Clinic in London W.1.

The WimpoleClinic

In addition to its Trichology services, the Wimpole Clinic is one of the U.K's leading hair transplant clinics.

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