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The treatments given will vary depending on the problem discovered during the consultation. Hair loss problems can be multi-factorial (more than one cause).If this is so, the causative factors should be discovered during the consultation.

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Female Hair Treatments.

Subject to Robert Olding discovering the cause/causes of the hair loss problem,a programme of treatment specifically designed to correct your problem will be discussed.This may be dietary, taking certain supplements,and perhaps the use of certain scalp lotions to stimulate hair growth.It is often beneficial for patients to attend for scalp treatments for a time.

Hair Loss Treatments

Currently we are utilising High Frequency and Laser treatments to manage hair loss problems, and these have proved to be very successful in stimulating new hair growth.As mentioned above, stimulant scalp lotions can also be most effective.


We have a very high success rate with our treatment programme, and most women find that the advice and treatments given at the Ashford clinic or the London Clinic give very good results.(Have a look at the genuine Testimonials that have been listed)

Male Hair Problems

The management of male pattern balding is best achieved with use of Minoxidil and/or Propecia.The use of Laser treatment is also proving to be well worth trying in some cases. These treatments will help slow down/stop the on going loss of hair typical of this problem,and in some cases,re-growth can take place.Hair transplanting is now so good that this can also be seriously considered as a treatment for the man who' hates' the idea of becoming bald. All these options can be discussed during your consultation.

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