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Hair loss & Scalp Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment

Most women (and many men) just do not realise how important their hair is until it starts to fall out and become 'thin'. These problems can cause more distress than is generally realised.

On going from the realisation there is a problem, most women are at a loss what to do about it. They will probably soon find their GP has little interest in their hair loss problem. They can then be tempted by advertised 'cures,' some of which may help (or may not!). Hair loss problems usually have a cause; however, discovering the cause can require a degree of expertise.One thing is certain, like most health problems,unless the reason for the problem is understood, guesswork is unlikely to put it right.

Based on on this reasoning, a consultation with a qualified and registered Trichologist is far more likely to help you correct the problem. Following such a consultation, if you wish, a treatment programme can be devised which will greatly help you to improve your hair growth.

To discuss any problems you may be experiencing or to arrange a consultation please call us on 0845 136 7938 alternatively fill in the enquiry form on our Contact Us page

Hair loss & Scalp Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment

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