Hair Loss Problems Seen At The Ashford Trichology

Female frontal Hair Loss.

Female Vertex Scalp Hair Loss

This photograph shows the early stages of mid-vertex hair loss.A common condition seen at the Ashford Consultancy. The parting is starting to look wider, and gaps appear when the the hair is combed.In women this type of hair loss can have a number of causes.

A consultation with the Trichologist should establish the cause and then treatment can be designed to correct the hair loss condition before it gets worse.

Common Hair Conditions

Traumatic Hair loss

This type of Hair loss is caused by Hairdressing damage or other physical Traumas, Chemicals, Heat, Blow drying, and over processed colouring ). .As the hair follicle is not normally affected, the damaged hair will re-grow.If the hair follicles are damaged, it is possible the hair will not regrow.

Hair Loss following chemotherapy.

Loss of hair following chemotherapy can occur.Regrowth normally takes place when the treatment is completed.

Male Pattern (Androgenic) hair loss.

This condition is expressed fully in men as the classic 'pattern' of loss to the top scalp.It is rated in up to eight stages,the first is the frontal recession seen post puberty in most men, which can go onto the changes commonly seen as the man balds. There are treatments now available which delay and even partially reverse the process.Hair transplanting is becoming a very popular remedy.Consultations about this can be carried out at the Ashford practice;the actual transplant is carried out at the Wimpole Clinic in London.

Androgenic Loss In Women.

It is perhaps not generally realised that here is the is a female version of this condition.The progress of the loss is somewhat different, usually presenting as an oval shaped pattern of loss to the frontal vertex scalp but leaving the frontal hairline intact.The hair to the sides and back scalp are not affected and retain the same density.(Similar to the loss in men). There are effective trichological treatments available that can help this condition.

Diffuse hair Loss (Telogen Effluvium)

Seen in both men and women.It can follow a period of ill-health,(flu etc) poor diet,and again high stress.Advice and appropriate Trichological treatment can help ensure that all the hair re-grows.

Alopecia Areata Syndrome (Patchy Baldness)

This condition can strike without warning, resulting in unsightly bald patches randomly scattered over the scalp. It tends to recover spontaneously,though advice and appropriate treatment can certainly help recovery.I (Robert Olding) feel we have a very high succes rate with this condition at the Ashford practice.

NOTE.Some patchy alopecias are not Areata type. Accurate dignosisi is important with this condition.

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